Welcome to TigerFire Servers!
TigerFire Servers got its start in 1995 when I started building websites for myself, friends, and various student organizations at Cornell University. I've never stopped building websites or building on my suite of related skills, whether that work has been on personal projects, professional work, or freelance design. I am currently available for a wide variety of projects to fill your web and graphics needs.

  • I can build a simple website to support your advertising efforts, or a full e-commerce platform.
  • I can design brochures, logos, or other print media.
  • I can produce custom code and database solutions.
None of my products are "cookie-cutter" results, they are tailored solutions to your specific web or graphics needs and are still created "by hand" to maintain the strictest control and best usability possible.

Feel free to drop me a line to discuss what I can do for you. I firmly believe that good communication is an integral part of the design process, no matter what scale your project is on, and look forward to discussing your needs with you.

TigerFire™ and associated logos are trademarked since 1995. All rights reserved.
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