The world has gotten more accessble to consumers. Whether you want a bookshelf or a website there is an off-the-shelf some-assembly-required solution for your needs. However, these products often leave something to be desired. That bookshelf is only available in three colours and in one "standard" size and style. That website management tool won't generate the reports you need or handle your business processes in a way that really fits. When assembly line solutions won't do, you need a craftsman.

What is TigerFire Solutions?

TigerFire Solutions is an umbrella for many of Jonathan Baird's more focused endevours. Jonathan applies his myriad skills and attention to detail on a wide variety of projects and may be able to craft precisely what you are looking for.


TigerFire Servers - Jonathan has been building websites since 1995. Most of that time has included development of dynamic and/or database-driven websites and development of custom business solutions to meet client's needs. He has also been involved in web marketing initiatives and creating graphic media for web and print. Technical training for a variety of audiences on a variety of software packages is also within his expertise.


The Gryffon's Brush - A variety of projects fall under this label, mostly including woodwork and leatherwork, but they are all united in the fact that they are reproductions of medieval items or inspired by those items. While many of these projects are on the scale of furniture and suits of armour, smaller items are available.


Speaking of furniture, if you are looking for something special or unique, regardless of style or timeframe, it is definitely time to call in a craftsman. Jonathan particularly enjoys these types of projects.


TigerFire Studios - Jonathan has been a gamer his entire life, from tabletop "board" games to miniature wargames to role-playing games. He understands why it is important to have unique looking figures and stunning terrain, not the same old junk-out-of-a-box that looks like it was painted by a 3-year-old. TigerFire Studios primarily handles custom painted gaming miniatures and gaming terrain, but other special projects such as custom game cases, gaming tables, and chess sets are happily considered.


MetalStorm Gunworks - Making a wide variety of props and costume items ranging from Steampunk to Sci-Fi.


GeeKingdom - Amanda has a range of perfume oils, soaps and candles in scents inspired by your favourite characters. Take a look at our ever-growing line of products born from our love of characters from stage, screen and page.


Laughing Dragon Brewing - All of Jonathan's homebrewed beverages fall under the Laughing Dragon label. This includes a wide assortment of beers, ciders, wines, meads, cordials, soft drinks, and a few things in between. Though the sale of homebrew is not legal, Jonathan is happy to share his knowledge and experience and has taught a number of classes on introductory homebrewing and cordial making.

Even if what you are looking for doesn't fall into one of these neat categories, feel free to contact me. Special projects are always considered.

Auctions @ - Also available on this site is a listing of items for sale. Many of these are gaming-related, but certainly not all.